Why choose us?

Why should you choose Sigma Safety?

Expert Advice.

Our goal is to be your product experts.  We believe that stuff is complex enough and you shouldn’t have to learn it all, because you have other things to do.  We expose our staff to regular training directly from our manufacturers with respect to new equipment.  This allows us to provide accurate answers to your upfitting questions.  And, if we don’t know, we can work directly with our manufacturers to figure out the answer for you.

We are not a catalogue sales organization.  We think that the best way to get you what you need is to go out and show it to you, when possible, and combined with some suggestions based on our past experience, allow you to make your decision in an informed manner.

The Best Products.

We have spent nearly 20 years building up a portfolio of some of the world’s best products in our industry;  Companies like Federal Signal, Blue Sea Systems, Troy Products, Rigid Industries, FRC, Armor Express, Panasonic, Sierra Wireless, and many others.  Many manufacturers don’t give out dealerships easily, so we are proud of the group of best-in-class manufacturers we represent.  Ultimately, this allows us to give you a better vehicle upfitting project.

We are a factory-direct dealer/distributor for most products we handle.

FS Signature partner smallRather than buying from a local dealer then re-selling to you, we have factory-direct relationships with the manufacturers of most products that we sell.  This is not the case with many upfitting shops.  Many manufacturers are very selective with their distributors and won’t allow multiple distributors in a given area.  We have built up distributorship relationships with manufacturers over nearly 15 years.

Why is this important to you?  If we upfit your vehicle, we BlueSeaSystems_Logocan supply parts from our inventory and usually at better prices than other upfitters who do not have a dealer-BSS teaser, originalrelationship with a manufacturer, and with better availability since we order factory direct.  Why would you buy through someone who is marking the part up a second time, when you can buy direct from the distributor?

Having dedicated product lines also means that we can better service your equipment.  Should a problem with your equipment occurrigid_logo_outlined, we know how to diagnose problems related to the equipment we sell, and often have spare parts on hand to reduce down-time.

Experience in the field.

Sigma Safety staff have over 25 years’ combined FULL TIME experience in the public safety world.   This is not a hobby, second job, or basement pass-time for us – this is what we do for a living.

We take vehicle upfitting and equipment very seriously because we know it is about life-safety equipment that protects you, your staff, and the public.   We are one of the only vehicle-equipment specialists in Canada who know the various SAE, NFPA, CISPR25, and related standards for emergency warning.  We believe these standards exist for a reason and we will advise you accordingly, though of course you have the final say.

We have written a number of articles in Police Fleet Manager magazine, BlueLine magazine, and others.  We have performed teaching/lecture sessions for emergency services personnel, and we routinely consult with some of Canada’s largest public safety agencies on vehicle design.

Customer Service.

Everyone says tSatisfaction Guaranteed starbursthey have good customer service, sure.  What does that mean to you?  To us, it means answering our phones.  It means returning your messages and emails.   Our internal policy is to return phone messages within 2 business hours and emails within 4 business hours.  We know you are busy and we want to ensure we give you answers quickly.

We have invested heavily in business management software.  This is the same software that is run by companies like Porsche, 3M, Adidas, Fender, Nestle, Hasbro, Callaway, and many others.

This software helps our order flow to be best run businessessmooth, and seamlessly integrate into our purchasing, inbound freight, accounting and inventory systems.  We can rapidly provide you with a detailed quote, and if you need changes, they can be completed very quickly. The system also allows us to provide order and accounting answers quickly – often while you’re on the phone.  We didn’t buy the software for us, but rather for you.

We believe that Customer Service also means shipping equipment the same day if possible, so you can get your gear quickly.  We do our best to inventory critical parts and, if we don’t have them in stock, we can work directly with our manufacturers to get your problem solved as quickly as possible.

Proper business practices.

This means a location that is open for you to walk in to, a professional office and a clean installation bay, and professional staff.  It means we don’t run our business on a cell phone.  It means we carry full insurance ($5M product liability, $1M ICBC Garage Policy for customer vehicle coverage – documentation available upon request).  It means obtaining any needed authorizations and certifications.

Sigma Safety is a licensed business in Langley, BC.  We are also licensed, and our staff security checked and cleared, under the BC Justice Ministry for Body Armour sales.

Ethics and Character.

Our business is founded on honesty and integrity.  We can’t say we are perfect, so if we do make a mistake we’ll work with you to resolve it in an honest and transparent manner.  See our Values Page for more information.  We strive for long-term relationships with our customers, and we don’t believe that those can thrive unless they are based on solid values and ethics.

We stand behind our products and our work.  If you have any issues with anything we provide, we’ll work with you to resolve them, and involve the manufacturers when needed.

We hope this shows you why we believe you should choose Sigma Safety as your equipment provider.  If you have any questions or comments, I encourage you to contact me directly.


Mark Yager
President & General Manager
Sigma Safety Corp.
phone (604) 757-5350 x227