What’s New

Jan 2018 – We are very pleased to announce that we are now western Canada’s exclusive dealer for Intermotive.  Intermotive makes plug-in modules that allow you to control your vehicle.  These modules include idle security, idle control, Black Out modules (for police use), and much more.  This month they released their Idle Guard, which automatically engages the Safe Park feature on a Charger police car.  It makes life a lot simpler for the officers, and ensures the car won’t get stolen while it’s sitting at a scene, idling.   Contact us for more details on this or any other Intermotive module.  See a demo video of the IdleGuard here;

Tiger Tough law enforcement seat cover

Tiger tough Tactical in a 2015 Tahoe PPV

Dec 2017 – We are proud to be the BC dealer for Tiger Tough Tactical seat covers.  These seat covers are built specifically for law enforcement vehicles.  They are made out of 1000 denier “ballistic” nylon and have an extra layer of reinforcement over the lower lumbar area of the seat-back cover.  The combination of the material used with the extra layer of fabric results in an extremely tough cover.  This means your seats won’t get dirty and chewed up!  The covers are easy to remove and wash.  They have a waterproof backing, so spills won’t make their way through to the seat fabric.  You can even get your department’s logo or other text embroidered in the cover!  Best of all, the design fits really snugly and doesn’t shift or ball up.  Great for any police agency.  Tiger Tough also has heavy duty seat covers for pickup trucks and other heavy vehicles as well.  Contact Us for pricing and details.


Nov 2017 – We are now authorized partners for Sierra Wireless!  Sierra is the world leader in in-vehicle cellular modems and gateways, and is based right here in BC.  Sierra has a line of mobility-specific (designed for use in vehicles) ruggedized modems.  They can do more than simply allow your in-vehicle laptop to talk to the internet;  they can also create a Wi-Fi cloud around your vehicle so you can attach multiple devices to one modem, can monitor vehicle location and also monitor vehicle status via the OBD port.  We’re very excited to be partnered with this world-class company.  Contact us for more details or see the Sierra website here .

Blue Sea sure eject yellow

Auto Power Disconnect

Oct 2017 – If you want a shore-power automatic eject socket that works, check out the brand new Blue Sea Sure-Eject .  While it fits in the same cutout as the competitive brand, it uses a motorized ejector rather than a spring system.  This helps ensure consistent ejections.  The Sure-Eject will be available in late November.  Also, you can insert the cord easily with one hand.  The Sure-Eject also has an indicator light on it so you know when it’s getting power.  It comes with a yellow cover and other colour options are available as separate items.  If you are interested in the Sure-Eject, contact us for details and pricing.  We’ll be posting a demo video in a few weeks.  The Sure-Eject works perfectly with the Blue Sea P12 onboard charger and remote display.

June 2017 – We are happy to announce that we are now a dealer for Panasonic.  AfteTB_CF33_1r more than 15 years of providing mounting solutions for these world-class computers, we are now a dealer.  We can now supply you with any of the Panasonic rugged or semi-rugged computers, with or without a docking station setup.  Contact us for more details.

April 2017 – We are really excited to carry the new Magnetic Mic microphone hangup ‘clip’.  It replaces your traditional metal clip with a magnet, and comes with a steel clip that goes over your existing microphone’s hangup ‘button’.  This allows you to keep your eyes on the road rather than having to look down and fumble for the mic.  These unique little items are fantastic for any vehicle equipped with a 2-way radio.  We keep lots in stock.  The mounting holes are even the same spacing as a traditional 2-hole mic clip such as a standard Motorola clip!  The kit comes with mounting screws and hardware.  It’s super quick and easy to install and will make a huge difference to how you work in your vehicle.  It’s about as exciting as a mic hangup can get!


March 2017 – Our newest addition is the “Decked” heavy-duty drawer systems for trucks and cargo vans.  These unique drawer systems allow you to maintain full use of the cargo surface area, plus have two drawers (that can hold 200 lbs each) underneath the floor at a proper ergonomic height.  These are available for a wide variety of full-size pickup trucks and service vans.  Please Contact Us for more information and pricing.

May 2016 – We have a number of new items that we are excited about!  In each case, we are factory-direct distributors for the items…

  • SuperVac PPV Valor.pngSuperVac – this Colorado-based company is the North American leader in ventilation systems for public safety and utilities.  They manufacture fan systems (Smoke ejectors, Positive Pressure Ventilation, Confined Space Ventilation) that are of the highest quality and reliability.  The fans are available in gas, electric, and battery-power, and in sizes from 8″ diameter to 6 foot diameter.  See www.supervac.com for a full product lineup.  SuperVac also has a misting attachment that can be hooked to a standard garden hose and generates a cooling fog to help keep people cool.
  • American Aluminum – this company is based in Florida and they manufacture K9 kennels for police vehicles, storage drawers, and other similar items.  Many police agencies in North America use AA’s kennels.  They also manufacture a very nice slide-in prisoner containment system for vans (Chev, Sprinter, Ford Transit, etc).  See the American Aluminum website HERE .
  • ZipR Shield 92BumperChute – made in Washington state, this unique tent-like canopy system is available for many SUVs.  It provides shelter to the person standing at the back, under the tailgate.  See our web page for more information and demo videos.

January 29, 2016 – Sigma Safety has been chosen as the factory-direct Distributor for Blue Sea Systems.  Blue Sea manufacturers the industry’s best power distribution components such as fuse blocks, circuit breakers, battery combiners, switches, power sockets, USB sockets, battery chargers, and much more.  See HERE for additional details or see the Blue Sea website here.

We purchase in bulk, directly from Blue Sea, so we can offer excellent prices.  We also keep a significant number of their items in stock in our Langley, BC warehouse.  If you are a vehicle upfitter or builder (a private company or any level of government), please contact us for pricing and further information.

November 18, 2015 – Federal Signal has released a very innovative new product called AirEL.  AirEL is a system of illuminated ID numbers, designed for the roof of police cars so that helicopters can more easily identify cars on the ground.  This makes it much easier for air officers to direct cars around as required to hold containment, etc.  These are ultra-thin lights that glow when switched on.  They can also (optionally) display thermal signatures.  There are many other uses for the AirEL product including airports, fire departments, and more.  See overview video below.  Contact Us for pricing and further details.

Sept 5 2015 – Westin Public Safety recently released their new Skid Plates for the 2012-2015 Ford Utility Interceptor (Explorer).   We have been very pleased with the Westin products in general, and we are excited that they are expanding their product line beyond just their fantastic pushbumpers.  If you would like more information about these new Skid Plates, please contact us.  Westin has also expanded their EliteXD line of truck/SUV pushbumpers.

Westin EliteXD lineup

June 25, 2015 – This month’s special (June/July) is our new flexible, high-efficiency solar panel systems!  If you have vehicles where you just can’t keep the batteries charged, these 3mm thick panels can glue or screw to the roof.  The 30 watt panel will output 1/2amp-2 amps depending on conditions and will offset most ‘parasitic’ draws.  The 100 watt panels will generate up to 6.5amps and can completely power most LED warning lights PLUS charge your vehicle’s battery.   See link for details;  July 2015 Solar Panel special

May 22, 2015 – New from PTS – Underseat Storage systems and a new Weapons Tote box.  These innovative products are simple but will help you keep you gear and weapons organized and accessible. See more details on our Vehicle Equipment Storage page.

May 12, 2015 – Battery Problems?  We can help!  We have a number of ways to solve issues withGP Solar Flex 30 dead batteries due to parasitic draw from your flashlight chargers and similar devices.  Solar panels are now 20% efficient, only 3mm thick, are flexible, and priced lower than you would expect.  Better yet, the power source is free!  See our Vehicle Solar Power systems page for additional details.

westin solid bumper only

March 5, 2015 – We are excited to announce that we are now the exclusive Master Distributor for Westin Public Safety products!  Westin has a fantastic reputation for commercial and sport truck accessories, and their Public Safety division manufactures pushbumpers and related accessories specifically for police and fire vehicles, from low-profile pushbumpers up to the full-coverage HDX Heavy Duty Grille Guard for trucks and SUVs.  See our Push Bumper page for more information.

MPTS Door panelsarch 3, 2015 – We are proud to announce that we are now the exclusive Master Distributor for PTS Prisoner Transport Systems.  PTS manufactures very high-quality hard-seats for police vehicles.  They have a wide variety including flat seats, contoured seats, in black or grey, and with various seatbelt options, all at very good prices.  PTS also manufactures door panels, window barriers, and floor pans for police vehicles.  Their equipment is very well designed and fits great.  We will be stocking an assortment of PTS products at our warehouse for quick delivery within Canada.  See our Prisoner Seat page for more information.

Dragon Eye Speed LIDARSeptember 9 2014 – Sigma Safety is now a distributor for Dragon Eye Technologies – a manufacturer of high-end LIDAR speed enforcement tools.  DET has been making LIDAR guns for over 15 years, though often re-branded as another name.

DET has some unique features in the LIDAR market, including an extremely effective anti-jamming technology (see demo video below) that allows the LIDAR gun to obtain speeds even while being jammed.  For more information on this unique LIDAR gun system, please contact us.  DET makes a rugged, high quality, advanced LIDAR gun that is reasonably priced and easy to use.

July 2 2014 – In addition to Federal Signal and Sound-Off, we are also now carrying the Feniex brand of warning lights!  We are really excited about Feniex and in particular theirCannon” LEDs.  The Cannon is considered a “corner LED” similar to something like a Whelen Vertex, but while the Vertex is a good light,  the Cannon is far superior.  The Cannon uses 12 x 4watt LEDs (Vertex uses 6 x lower power LEDs) so it is MUCH brighter than any other corner-LED we’ve seen.  Also, the Cannon has 3 operational modes so you can have a slower pattern on one mode, then a faster pattern on another.  You can also set the light to steady-on so you can use it for things like driving lights, reverse light replacements, etc.  The lights come in single or dual colour.  These lights are made by Feniex at their facility in Texas, and have a 5 year warranty.  They mount in a 1″ hole, are completely IP68-rated (fully watertight), and as a bonus they come with the surface mount bezel (other brands charge up to $12 extra for surface-mount bezels).   The lights have more than 15 flash patterns including 3 steady-on patterns (steady-on, bright-then-dim steady, triple-flash-then-steady).  The Cannon is a well-made, easy to install and wire, and extremely bright light.  Pricing is very competitive with other corner LEDs on the market. See short demo video below…

Nov 15 2013 – We are now Canada’s only distributor for Troy Products vehicle equipment storage systems and prisoner partitions.  Troy’s factory in California manufactures the industry’s best SUV storage systems and command centers including models for Tahoe, Ford Utility Interceptor, Suburban, and more.  A large number of configurations are available including weapon storage, white boards, map trays, remote radio and computer mounts, and general equipment storage.  Custom configurations are also available.  Troy manufactures their SUV storage systems out of heavy-duty welded aluminum (lighter than wood or steel) with rattle-free latches and heavy-duty sliders.  Troy also manufactures a wide variety of consoles (for equipment/radio mounting between the front seats) and high quality prisoner partitions/screens for various vehicles.  Please see our Vehicle Storage Systems page for more details.  We are very proud to be working with this world-class manufacturer.

June 5 2013 – Are you familiar with the Federal Signal MS4000 and MS4000U compact sirens?  These are fantastic sirens that will fit in any vehicle.  See a short overview video here…