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Vehicle Installations

Emergency Vehicle Outfitting

This is where the magic happens.


"THE Truck looks awesome!  I am truly grateful for the quality of the install and the communications with you throughout the process. It is very evident that you care about the finished product you provide and the installation is a big part of that process." - Chief Dave

At Sigma Safety, we provide high-quality emergency vehicle outfitting designed to keep fire and police crews protected. Make sure your vehicle (or your entire fleet) is properly equipped to respond to any call.

A good installation requires a skilled technician and high-quality parts. While other companies might use car-stereo circuit parts, we use marine-grade fuse blocks, circuit breakers, and other critical components.

Our installation techniques include:

  • Exclusively high-grade wire and connection hardware
  • Professional-grade connectors with adhesive and shrink-wrap jackets
  • Properly secured wires, loomed when appropriate
  • Circuits always protected with fuses and circuit breakers, properly labelled
  • Marine-grade 12 volt power sockets and USB charging sockets

While it’s easy to skimp and buy cheaper installation parts, we believe emergency vehicle outfitting must be reliable because your vehicle is a life-saving tool.


  • Exclusive Gamber-Johnson certified installer in B.C.
  • Exclusive Feniex certified Installer in B.C.
  • Exclusive Federal Signal "Signature Partner" in B.C.
  • Exclusive Federal Signal Authorized Service Center in B.C.
  • Our technicians are all Emergency Vehicle Technicians (EVT) certified

Installation Services

We’ll Outfit You With Safe, Reliable and Innovative Gear.

Get everything you need to outfit your vehicle yourself — from lights and sirens to push bumpers and storage containers — along with specialized law enforcement tools, mobile computing and shore power. We’ve got a comprehensive catalogue that will make sure you can do your job safely every day.

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Installation Process

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We’re Experts In Our Field So You Can Be The Best Out In The Field.

We’re here to support you and make sure you get the equipment you need to keep your department safe. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We return every email within four business hours and would love to help you find the right solution to your problem.

For more information on our emergency vehicle outfitting services, give us a call at 604.757.5350.  

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