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DIY Upfit Kits

If you want to purchase equipment from us but do your own installation, no problem!  We're here to help make the process as simple as possible.  

While other suppliers ship you a box of parts and expect you to figure everything out, when you purchase an emergency warning system from us, we include all the documentation you require so you don't have to be an electrical engineer in order to get everything installed correctly.

More Than Just A Box Of Parts

When you purchase a vehicle system from us (lightbar, Pathfinder light/siren controller, perimeter lights, etc.) we include with the parts;

  • Full vehicle wiring diagram; not just the wiring for each item, but a FULL vehicle wiring diagram showing where you need to run wires, where to connect them all, and more.   This ensures you can do it right the first time, rather than re-running wires or losing functionality.
  • Pre-programmed Pathfinder controller;  The Pathfinder is an immensely capable controller but its programming can be a bit daunting if you haven't configured one before.  We take the stress out of the Pathfinder system by providing you a custom-programmed Pathfinder file so, if you hook up your lights per our wiring diagram, you can just load the programmnig file into the controller, power up the Pathfinder and it will all work. Simple!
  • 1 Hour of Tech Support;  If the Pathfinder programming (or any other aspect of the vehicle package) needs tweaking, we're here to help.  If the Pathfinder needs a programming adjustment, we'll send you a new programming file via email and you can simply install it into your Pathfinder via a USB cable.  
  • Warranty Support;  As a Federal Signal Authorized Service Centre, if you have any issues with the equipment, we can help you.  No need to deal with the manufacturer in the USA.  Contact us and we'll talk you through any troubleshooting steps and, if the issue turns out to be hardware-related, we can arrange repair or equipment swap for you.  You don't need to worry about cross-border shipping, etc. 


Pro Upfit kit(tm) - a first in the industry

We can also supply everything you need for the complete installation, including the above items PLUS;

  • All the wire you'll need (colour coded, in appropriate lengths and gauges)
  • Fuses 
  • Fuse blocks
  • Zip ties
  • Loom
  • Heat-shrink crimp connectors 
  • etc.

While this kit is an additional charge, it gives you all the components you need to perform a proper installation.  You don't need to determine which wire size you need, which fuse value is required, etc.  We've done that all for you!

Having a complete upfitting package means no trips to Home Depot or Lordco for parts!  We'll assemble a complete kit based on the light/siren components you order in your package.  Sigma buys tens of thousands of connectors per year, hundreds of miles of wire, thousands of feet of loom, etc.   Take advantage of our purchasing power rather than buying 100' of wire in a retail package at your local shop!

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