Vehicle Solar Power

100 Watt Flexible Panel

100 Watt Flexible Panel System

Does your vehicle battery system cause frustration and delays due to the power loads in your vehicle?  We can help you with this!

We have assembled various Solar Power Systems for use on public safety vehicles.  These solar panels range in output from 30 to 100 watts.  When correctly installed on your vehicle, they can offset the parasitic battery loads that drain your battery.

The new generation of solar panels are MUCH better than the panels that were on the market even a couple years ago.  These new panels are twice as efficient (20%, vs about 10-11% on older panels), but the major advantage is that these panels are only 3mm thick and they are flexible and rugged.  You can bend the panels as much as 30 degrees, and you can mount them via through-roof fasteners or simply glue them to a vehicle roof or another surface.

The newer panels are also much more shade- and cloud-tolerant, meaning they’ll work well (though not at 100% power rating) even during our west coast overcast months.

GP-FLEX-actual_thicknessThe digital Solar Charge Controller connects to your battery and keeps the battery charged but will not over-charge it.  The Controller can be set to SLA, AGM, or any other commonly used battery, and it has 3-stage charging as a proper battery charger should.

Initially designed for the Recreational Vehicle users, we have customized the systems to be ideal for police cars, fire apparatus, fire command vehicles, and vehicles or trailers that are stored outdoors for long periods of time.  Whether you want the 30 watt panel to help offset parasitic loads or keep a battery trickle-charged, or you want to go with a 100 watt panel to actually power various items and actively charge a battery, we can help.

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