Heavy Duty (Amber)


UltraStar LED Beacon

Federal Signal offers a wide variety of heavy duty lights for fleet and industrial use.

From the Firebolt strobe beacon, to the new LED Pulsator Class 1 beacon, to Highlighter mini-lightbars, to LED directional arrows and full size lightbars,we can supply high quality and high performance lighting for your vehicles.  We can also obtain parts for any Federal Signal product made, and in many cases even for discontinued items.

The Pulsator Class 1 LED beacon is a bright, simple to install beacon that is rugged and inexpensive.  Still paying $400 for an LED beacon?  The Pulsator LED is about 1/3 that price!  It provides class-leading warning intensity for any fleet vehicle, and draws only 0.40 amps, making it a perfect addition for fleets with idle-reduction policies.  It is also available in a very good suction/magnet mount with a power plug (lighter plug).

feniex mini-x.JPGIf you’re looking for a well-built, bright mini-lightbar, the Feniex Mini-X mini-bar comes with a magnetic-mount system and a lighter/power plug and cable.  It’s priced very aggressively and is a very bright light.

For the absolute brightest LED beacon in the industry, check out the SLR rotator.  This LED beacon produces more peak candela than any other light on the market.  It is nearly 10x brighter than the other guys who claim their beacon is the brightest!  The SLR beacon is the only LED beacon on the market to meet California Title XIII Table 2 specifications.  The  SLR beacon uses 12 latest generation LEDs and a mirror to focus the light into a narrow, extremely bright beam.  Then, the light uses a brushless ‘stepper’ motor (no worm gears!) to rotate that mirror in a 360 degree circle.  You get true rotator pattern warning, not the “faux-tate” pattern that other beacons have.  See more here.

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