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Intermotive PIM

Intermotive PIM

While many public safety agencies are used to cutting into wires in their vehicles to perform functions like Chime Mute, Dark Car, Idle Lock, and others, the newer cars are proving to be more and more difficult (or often, impossible) to wire in such a fashion.

On the Crown Vic and older trucks, if you wanted a Dark Car (cut off the running lights, DRLs, tail lights, brake lights, etc.) mode, you had to manually run wire to each light, cut the light feed, and re-route that feed through your switches.  This took a lot of installation time, and was very invasive as well as running a high risk of failure or interference with existing vehicle systems.

With the newer CANBUS controlled vehicles, where most of the wiring is digital, this is now nearly impossible to do.

Rather than struggling to accomplish what you need to do, spending many labour hours and cutting into your vehicle’s brand new wiring, why not accomplish it a better way…a smarter way?

We are a western Canada’s exclusive dealer for Intermotive Vehicle Controls.  Intermotive manufactures CANBUS compliant modules that you plug in to your cars’ OBD-II port.  Modules are available to perform a number of functions;

  • Dark Car / Chime Mute
  • Chime Mute (disables the reminder chimes such as ‘key in ignition’ , ‘fasten seatbelt’ , etc.
  • Idle Lock (keeps car locked in Park while the vehicle idles with keys removed)
  • Eco Lock (similar to Idle Lock, but also shuts off and restarts your vehicle to save fuel)
  • Surveillance Mode (see video below)
  • Reverse assistance / object sensing
  • Interceptor Switch Module – lets you program the auxiliary switches on your Ford’s steering wheel
  • Fast Idle – to provide more power output when idling
  • IdleGuard – automatically activates the Dodge Secure Park system when the driver exits the vehicle.

Intermotive also manufactures the Police Interface Module (PIM), which is the “swiss army knife” of modules.  It can be programmed by Intermotive to accomplish any or all of the above tasks.  You simply pay for whichever features you would like enabled.  See HERE for a description of each module and full details.

Intermotive is a very experienced company and regularly works directly with Ford (see video below).  All the modules listed above are available now for the Ford Interceptors (sedan and utility) as well as the 2015 Tahoe PPV and the Dodge Charger.

Please contact us for more information about these unique devices.