Supervac Ventilation Fans

SuperVac PPV ValorSuperVac is North America’s largest manufacturer of Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) fans and Smoke Ejector fans. Based in Colorado, SuperVac has been making fan systems for over 80 years.  They are so particular about quality control, they even have their own in-house foundry and manufacture their own aluminum fan blades (a patented design) by hand!

Super Vac manufactures electric, gasoline, hydraulic, and air powered units for the wide array of use seen in emergency situations and industrial use. The ventilators are used to remove smoke from a fire, thereby increasing visibility for firefighters, improving survivability for victims, and reducing property damage due to heavy smoke. Industrial uses include man and machine cooling, smoke and fume removal, painting, sand blasting, and fresh air supply. Super Vac has designed state of the art ventilators to be used in confined spaces.

SuperVac’s new “Valor” fan systems are 15″ lighter than previous models, and have an easy foot-pedal adjustable fan angle.  When in use, they rest on the two front rubber feet as well as two rear rubber feet (not on the wheels).

The Valor is available in gas, electric (including variable-speed model that runs on a standard 15 amp circuit), and water-turbine systems.  The Valor is also available in a variable-speed, rechargeable electric model that allows up to 40 minutes of run time (at 11,140cfm) and will also operate as a standard electric fan using a 15 amp household circuit.  Battery packs are easily swapped so you can easily extend the run time by having a second battery pack on hand.

SV nanoSuperVac also manufactures some of the world’s best (and smallest) confined-space ventilation fans, including the tiny “Nano” fan.  The little 8″ Nano can move a remarkable 1037cfm in negative- or positive-pressure modes, and is available in a standard or hazardous-location model, while only weighing 20 lbs so it’s easy to transport.  Ducting and other accessories are available.

SuperVac makes a number of different accessories for their fans including ducting, mounting options, and even a misting attachment.  The mister mounts to the front on the 16″ and larger fans via 3 high-strength magnets and then hooks to a standard garden hose.  It uses 2 gph but provides a cooling mist to help keep your personnel cool.

SuperVac also manufactures rescue saws including the powerful SVC4, and smoke machines for training.

Sigma Safety is a full-line, factory direct distributor for Super Vac.  Please contact us with any questions you might have.