Push Bumpers

westin logoSigma Safety is a Master Distributor for Westin Public Safety push bumpers and grille guards.

Westin manufactures high-quality push bumpers for police and fire vehicles, most of which have a no-drill/no-cut installation process.  Westin bumpers are very competitively priced and common models are usually in stock at our Vancouver location for immediate shipping.  If we need to order a pushbumper for you, Westin keeps large inventories in their central-US warehouses, and can often be shipped the next day, even for orders of 250+ bumpers.

Westin pushbumper advantages;

  • High strength steel
  • Side cut-outs reduce weight (comparable in weight to aluminum bumpers)
  • Bumper is pre-drilled on sides and center support for lights & speakers
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Quick delivery (common models in stock at our location. Special/large orders are 1-2 weeks)
  • Various ‘light’ options for the top cross-tube (no lights, 2 lights, 4 lights)
  • Electro-plated then powder coated for extra durability
  • Great looking
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Brackets includes stainless steel hardware (black, for all visible fasteners)
  • Available for Ford Sedan, Ford Utility, Tahoe/Suburban, Charger, F-150, Ram 1500, and more
  • EliteXD full front guard (with or without winch mount) available for trucks and Tahoe/Suburban
  • Headlight guard and full-wrap “PIT” guards available as options
Westin on truck, large

Elite HD mounted on 2015 Ford F150

Westin bumpers are available for all common public-safety vehicles as well as many domestic pickup trucks.  Options include full wrap headlight guards, front-facing lights integrated into the bumper (up to 4 single, dual, or even tri-colour lights), and even heavy-duty fender wraps.  Westin push bumpers are electro-coated then powder-coated for extra durability and rust protection.

Unlike some competitor’s bumpers where the lights in the upper cross-tube are embedded in them from the factory, making them difficult to service later, Westin uses a removable shroud to hold the lights.  This allows you to configure the lights as you wish, and easily service or change them later if need be.  Also, if you purchase a ‘no light’ pushbumper and would like to add lights at a later date, just purchase the shroud and install your lights – no need for a whole new pushbumper.  You will find that buying a Westin bumper and installing your own lights will save money vs. buying a pushbumper with lights pre-installed.

Westin’s 2015 Tahoe PPV pushbumper also includes a removable metal mesh grille protector.  You can leave it in place and mount lights to it if you wish, or remove it for a more traditional look.  See pictures below.

Westin also manufactures full-bumper replacements (front and rear) for selected trucks.  See the Westin website for up to date vehicle listings or contact us for pricing and further information.

We also have a full selection of Westin winches , running boards, headache racks, and other related accessories.

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