Prisoner Seats

FINAL_color copySigma is Canada’s exclusive master distributor for PTS prisoner containment system equipment.  If you are tired of other brands of hard prisoner seats being difficult to install and not fitting well, try PTS.  PTS seats are well made, fit extremely well, and carry a warranty that covers the seat as long as it is in the original vehicle. Unlike many other seat companies, PTS manufactures their own seats at their facility in Nevada.  They manufacture custom-fit seats for all major police interceptor vehicles, plus a number of other common fleet vehicles.

Unlike other brands that offer only one style of seat, PTS Seats are available in a number of configurations;

  • flat seats
  • contoured seats
  • black or grey (other custom colours are available by special order)
  • Standard or “OS” outside-fastening seatbelts
  • SUV seats are available with rear partition that uses polycarbonate or punched metal screen

PTS seats are available either with standard seatbelts (factory belts) or with their Officer Safety (“OS”) belt system.  The OS Belts reverse the belt tensioner and the receiver, meaning you insert the seatbeltPTS Door panels into the receiver by the door, not in the middle of the vehicle. This eliminates having to reach over your client to buckle the seatbelt.  For more information on the OS system, please watch the video below.

PTS works closely with Troy Products so ensure that the Troy rear storage drawers and Troy prisoner partitions fit with the equipment that PTS manufactures.

PTS also manufactures other prisoner containment equipment such as;

  • rear floor pans with the unique “V Drain” system that allows easy and safe clean-up of  the rear floor area.
  • polycarbonate or metal window barriers
  • overmold door panels that install easily over your existing door panels

We stock a number of different models of seats for popular vehicles, and we also stock door panels and window barriers.  This allows quick delivery to you.  For items we don’t stock, typical order times are only about 2 weeks.

We are authorized for Canada-wide sales of PTS prisoner seats.  Please contact us for details.