Power Distribution

BlueSeaSystems_LogoSigma Safety is very proud to be the western Canada’s ONLY public-safety distributor for Blue Sea Systems power distribution components.  This means we buy directly from Blue Sea and inventory significant quantities of their parts here in our warehouse.

We are authorized to sell to end-user customers as well as providing great pricing to vehicle upfitters/resellers.

BSS teaser, originalBlue Sea is based in Bellingham, WA, and manufactures world-class 12 volt power distribution equipment.  Their equipment is exclusively used by many top-name boat and yacht manufacturers.  Due to the high reliability and ease of installation, Blue sea components have quickly been adopted by Emergency Vehicle installers as well.

Blue Sea equipment is extremely well designed, marine-grade (meets Coast Guard standards), easy to work with, and outrageously reliable.

Here are some types of equipment that Blue Sea offers;

BlueSea has an extensive Youtube channel that gives a great overview of their equipment.  You can also visit our YouTube Playlist that provides details on many of the Blue Sea components.