LED Headlights

Sigma Safety carries the JW Speaker line of LED headlights.  These Transport Canada approved headlights directly replace your current halogen headlights.JWSpeaker 8800

JWS LED Headlights provide a crisp white beam pattern that exceeds even the best halogen factory headlights.  The nature of LEDs allow the engineers to more precisely shape the beam pattern, whereas with halogen the optics engineers are constrained by the halogen bulb shape.

JWS LED headlights have a lifetime warranty against failure, and most have a replaceable front lens.  These are excellent LED headlight replacements and are street legal in all Canadian provinces.

JWSpeaker manufactures a wide variety of LED lights, including forklift lights, locomotive lights, and even direct-replacement LED headlights for Harley-Davidson motorcycles (JW Speaker manufactures the Harley-branded LED Headlight upgrade kits that H-D sells on their website).

LED Headlight & Driving Lights

LED Headlight & Driving Lights

Please contact us for more information.  See the entire JW Speaker line of LED headlights, worklights, and driving lights here.

All JW Speaker products are made in the USA.

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