Idle Reduction Systems

stopidling.pngThere are many reasons to reduce or eliminate idling your vehicles.  With fuel costs over $1.25/L and trucks that burn 3-5L/hr, eliminating idling can save you money in fuel, as well as reducing maintenance and dramatically reducing pollution as well.

The Cost of Idling;

  • Fuel @ $1.25/L
  • F-150 burns about 4L/hr, which equals $5/hr in fuel, or $40 for an 8-hour day
  • That works out to $200/week or $800/month, or $9,600/year.

Those are just fuel costs! You can also eliminate a number of your oil changes (did you know 1hr of idling is the equivalent engine wear of 50 km of driving?), so the savings are really about $10,000/yr, not including lost revenue due to vehicle down-time for maintenance, etc.

If you have 10 trucks, that is $100,000/yr !  Even if you could reduce idling by only 50%, you’d pocket $50,000 per year.  Every day you wait to implement idle-reduction technology is costing you money!

We can help you achieve your idle reduction goals.

There are 4 main factors with idle reduction for work and fleet vehicles;

  1. Power storage
  2. Load management
  3. Battery management
  4. Power regeneration

We can supply a number of different components that will allow you to run your warning lights and other aftermarket equipment while not draining your starting battery beyond its ability to start your vehicle.

  1. Intermotive Eco-Star and Eco-Lock modules plug into the OBD-II port on your vehicle and monitor the battery voltage.  They will command the vehicle’s engine to shut off when in Park and the system is activated.  The module will continuously monitor the vehicle’s battery(ies) voltage and when voltage drops below a certain threshold, the module will command the vehicle engine to start and idle until the vehicle’s battery is charged.  Then the engine will shut down again and the cycle repeats.  This module alone will often reduce vehicle idling by 75% or more (depending on the loads you are powering).
  2. If you are not already using LED warning lights, you should be.  Power consumption reduction is critical for a no-idle fleet.  We have a wide variety of LED lighting options from manufacturers like Federal Signal, Feniex, and others.
  3. Often a second battery, or a battery bank consisting of more than one battery, will allow the aftermarket loads to run for extended periods of time without any drain on the starting battery.  We can supply and install highly efficient battery isolators that connect the auxiliary battery bank to the main battery (and therefore the vehicle’s alternator) when the engine is running, but disconnect from the main battery when the engine is off, to protect the charge in your main battery so you can always start your vehicle.
  4. We also have solar options for your vehicle.  Unlike the bulky glass solar panels, we can supply a thin (3mm) flexible panel that can put up to 100 watts into your battery system.  On a sunny day, this will power a pair of LED warning beacons and an arrow board, and still have power to spare.

Combining the 4 technologies listed above can result in a very significant reduction in your vehicles’ idle time, and often can completely eliminate idling for many fleets.

Contact us to discuss options for your fleet vehicles.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you will get return on your investment.