BumperChute Tailgate Canopy

BumperchuteFullPKGWe are proud to be a distributor for the BumperChute tailgate canopy system.

This unique ‘tent’-like system attaches to your SUV’s tailgate, and provides significant shelter from the weather as well as some additional privacy.  It is available in various sizes to fit smaller SUVs (such as a Ford Escape) all the way up to large SUVs like a Tahoe or Suburban.

The system sets up in about 3 minutes (see video below) and will function in most weather conditions.  It comes with guy lines for use in high wind situations.

The BumperChute system also comes with zip-on rear doors that can be used if required for additional protection from the elements.  There are various pockets inside the canopy for holding small items, and there are plastic windows (with covers) to let in light when desired.

An optional accessory is the “Command Post” flag.  It attaches to the side of the vehicle using a pair of strong magnets, and also includes a flashing green light on the tip of the flag (battery powered) to help indicate the CP’s ZipR Shield 92location, even at night.  The CP Flag is available separately but is much less expensive when purchased with the BumperChute system.  See video below for more details on the CP Flag.

The system will also fit some pickup truck canopies, but only if the tailgate of the pickup truck is removed and a full-lift-door canopy is installed.

Please contact us if you would like more information or pricing on this unique and very useful truck accessory.