Backup Camera Systems

The Federal Signal backup/reverse camera systems are built well and offer a number of unique options.monitor with cam and cables

The basic system consists of;

  • Sony colour CCD camera with InfraRed LEDs for nighttime use
  • 20 meter cable
  • 5.6″ colour screen
  • Trigger wire to hook to reverse lights so camera comes on automatically

Some available options are;

  • Flush mount camera (projects only 1/4″)
  • Side mount cameras (for side of vehicle)
  • 7.0″ monitor that can display up to 4 cameras at once
  • 4.3″ monitor that is built into a rearview mirror
  • cables available in lengths from 5m to 40m (131 feet)
  • Trailer connection kit

The Trailer Connection Kit is a great option if you want to put a camera on (or in) a trailer, then view the monitor in the cab.  The kit includes a 20m cable (routes from the camera to a spot near the trailer tongue) with a curly cord and quick disconnect connector, and a 5m cable that routes from the back bumper of the truck to the monitor.

Federal Signal backup camera systems carry a 2 year factory warranty.

For more information, please contact us. Camera options