Sure Eject Shore Power Socket

The P12 chargers work perfectly with the Blue Sea “Sure Eject” which automatically eject Blue Sea sure eject yellow.jpgthe shore-power cord when your vehicle’s engine starts.  If you have given up on auto-ejects due to poor reliability, give the Sure-Eject a try.   While it fits into the standard cutout that a Kussmaul Auto Eject uses, the Sure-Eject uses a motorized ejector for better reliability.  Also, it uses 1-handed cord insertion, and has an indicator light on the cover so you know when power is flowing to the truck.  See the Auto-Eject Shore Power sockets web page.

The Sure-Eject has an integrated anti-arc technology that shuts off the connection between the truck and the cord until the shore power cord is firmly seated on the pins, and likewise cuts the connection immediately prior to the ejection process.

Sure-Ejects are available in 15 amp or 20 amp versions.  The kit comes with a cord end (also available as a separate part).  You can choose from various coloured covers, too;  Yellow,  Red,  Black,  White,  Blue,  or Grey.

Also available are 15A extension cord “pigtails” that can be plugged in between your long shore-power cable and the Sure Eject for even more reliability.