Battery Chargers


On-Board battery chargers have been largely unchanged for 20 years, yet battery technology changes every few years. This can cause problems that can result in undercharged batteries or worse – damaged batteries.

Blue Sea Systems has developed a battery charger that has a number of unique features that can help solve your battery issues.  The Blue Sea P12 chargers are available in 25amp and 40amp versions.

The most unique features of the P12 are;

  • it can charge up to 3 sets of dissimilar batteries at once.  You can have a large bank of starting batteries, and two smaller banks to run your electronics.  Hook the P12 up to each bank and it will charge each bank simultaneously but will tailor the charge to each unique battery bank type.  This prevents under-charging the large battery banks and over-charging the small ones.
  • The P12 can be programmed so that the bulk, absorption, and float voltages can be customized for each of the 3 banks.  If you have a regular Sealed Lead Acid battery on output 1, an AGM battery on output 2, and an Optima deep-cycle on output 3, the P12 charger can be programmed to properly charge each one.

Many standard chargers output a standard 13.6-14.0 volts because they assume that the battery is a standard SLA battery.  Unfortunately, these voltages are not what modern batteries require…

Blue Sea P12 Odyssey quote.JPG

The P12 also has a remote display that directly retrofits into the remote display you’re probably already using on your apparatus.  bluesea-remote-7517

The remote display can be set to display the voltage of each battery (whether or not the truck is plugged into shore power), and also has a “charge” icon that indicates when AC power is connected to the truck.   The display shows the status of one, two, or three batteries (display changes automatically).

The charger comes with a battery temperature sensor. Rather than assuming that the charging conditions are perfect, the P12 can modify the charging voltages based on the actual battery temperature.  This allows more rapid charging when possible, and prevents battery damage if the battery is too cold or too hot.

The P12 also has comprehensive diagnostic functions.  If the charger senses an error, it displays plain language text, not error code numbers.

The P12 carries a 5-year warranty. All this at a price lower than you’re probably paying for your current chargers.

Blue Sea gues 18a chargerIf you need a more basic charger for your application, we have a wide variety of marine-grade battery chargers and maintainers from 0.5amp , single-output maintainers to 35amp, 4-output sealed chargers.

Need auto-ejects and more?  See our Shore Power page.

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