Shore Power

We have complete Shore Power and Battery Charger systems for public safety and work vehicles.

Battery Chargers


From the Blue Sea P12 charger – the most intelligent battery charger on the market – to a 0.5amp battery maintainer, we can help keep your vehicle’s battery charged.  We also have auto plug ejects and more.

Blue Sea P12 25amp and 40amp on-board chargers are designed to charge up to 3 battery banks, especially where the banks are different sizes and/or chemistries.

These are ideal for modern fire apparatus that may use Sealed Lead Acid batteries as the main bank, then use AGM or even Lithium-Ion batteries to power auxiliary loads.

If you need a more basic charger for your application, we have a wide variety of marine-grade, weatherproof battery chargers and maintainers from 0.5amp , single-output maintainers to 35amp, 4-output sealed chargers.

Automatic Cord Disconnects

Blue Sea sure eject yellow.jpgIf you’ve given up using Auto Ejects because they are too unreliable, give the Blue Sea Sure-Eject a try.  It uses a motorized ejection mechanism which means no cocking and a reliable ejection.

Meters and Gauges

We have a variety of 12vdc and 120vac meters and gauges for a wide variety of purposes.  From simple 12vdc volt meters and ammeters, through full Systems Monitor meters, and even an external display for the P12 charger, we can help you keep in touch with what’s going on with your vehicles’ power systems. blue sea voltmeter.jpg

Contact Us and we’ll be glad to help you design the best system for your vehicle.