Specialty LED Illumination

techiqSigma is a distributor for Tecniq Inc., who makes a wide variety of specialty LED illumination products for vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats.

We have small lights to illuminate switch panels and consoles, larger lights for ceiling mount (available in red/white dual colour) inside a vehicle for task lighting, linear fluorescent replacements, and even LED boat docking lights and submersible lights.  They also manufacture a variety of DOT-approved brake/tail/turn, clearance, and reverse lights.

Their E10 series is extremely popular and is used for fire truck ground lighting, pump panel lighting, step lighting, and in many other applications.

Tecniq lights are available in an extremely wide variety of configurations and colours.  Some lights are multi colour or dual intensity.

The “K” Series is an assortment of warning lights for fire apparatus, in industry standard sizing.  This includes LED scene lights in 9×7″, 7×3″, and more.

All Tecniq lights use the latest LED technology and are manufactured in the USA.  All their lights carry a lifetime warranty.


4″ Ceiling light


EON Surface Mount Light


Flexible Strip Light


Pump Panel / Ground Light