Rigid LED vehicle lights

RI SAR truck 1rigid_logo_outlinedRigid Industries manufactures very high quality LED driving and work lighting systems.

Rigid got their start manufacturing off-road LED lighting systems, primarily for desert racing vehicles.  Over the past few years, Rigid has grown to offer a wide range of specialty LED lighting.  These are industrial/public-safety grade lights, suitable for the world’s most rugged conditions, not plastic consumer-grade systems.

NEW: Rigid DOT/SAE Street-Legal Driving and Fog lights

Rigid lights have some unique features;

  • Fully waterproof (submersible), rated IP68
  • Cast aluminum construction with massive heatsinks for better reliability
  • Low amp draw
  • Housings in black, white, or black with yellow front bezel
  • Variety of optical patterns from full flood to 10 degree spot
  • Light colours in white and amber, with some lights available in Infrared (NVG compatible)
  • High intensity flashlights (some available with Infrared output)
  • Rigid makes a series of PAR46 lights for direct retrofit into pillar spot lights
  • All their lights carry a lifetime warranty
  • All Rigid vehicle lights are made in the USA
  • Variety of coloured covers, mounting brackets (including flush mount lights), and accessories
  • Marine versions of most models all reliable under-water lighting
  • Lighting options for ATV’s, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, and other small off-road vehicles

The Rigid lighting lineup ranges from small task lights to massive 50″ wide LED light ‘bars’ for the ultimate in scene and roadway illumination.  Rigid also manufactures LED work lights, LED marine lighting systems, as well as specialty mounts such as the brow mount for Spartan fire truck chassis.

Rigid has a line of lights specific to scene-light use.  These wide angle (115 degree wide beam width) lights produce very high intensity light over a wide area.  They are designed for long-term constant-duty use.  Their 2×2 , 4×4, and 2 x 10 sizes are shown below…

Whether you need scene lighting, driving or fog lights, task lighting, or some other interior or exterior lighting, Rigid likely has what you need.

Do you want to see the various lights and beam patterns?  Check out the Rigid “Viewer” and you can see beam patterns for all their lights; http://viewer.rigidindustries.com/

Sigma is an authorized, factory-direct Rigid Industries Public Safety lighting distributor. Contact Us for more information. See the Rigid Industries website here .

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