Pelican Portable Lighting Systems

Pelican RALS 9470Everyone knows Pelican for their rugged cases and flashlights.  Pelican also manufactures some excellent portable scene lights.  These battery-operated LED lights are fully self contained.  The poles and light heads are stored in the case, and are quickly and easily assembled at scene.  The case comes with an LED display showing battery run-time remaining.  Some models even have a wireless remote so you can control the lights from a distance.

Various models of RALS (Remote Area Lighting Systems) are available, from a single head tripod style, to a 4-head ‘case’ style with variable intensity and remote control. On some models, you can set the desired run time and the RALS will automatically adjust the intensity to meet your run-time setting. See video below for an overview of the full-size RALS models.

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