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Push Bumpers

Today, "push" bumpers are much more likely to be used to mount equipment to at least as often as they are used to actually push a vehicle.  However, they still do need to perform when called upon.

Westin push bumpers are public-safety grade and are made out of a very strong steel.  The bumpers are pre-drilled for mounting front and side lights, siren speakers, and other equipment.

Westin also electro-coats their bumpers first then powder coats them, so we have seen an exceptionally good track record of coating retention even after years in harsh environments.

You'll find Westin bumpers are easier to install, stronger, and have better availablity than most competitors.  They are also priced very attractively.

Westin also has options for winch integration, front-facing integrated lights, tow hooks, Pit Bars, headlight protectors, and more.

We stock Westin push bumpers for various commonly-used public safety vehicles including the Ford Utility Interceptor.