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Vehicle Control Modules

With more and more vehicles using CANBUS digital wiring, it's getting very difficult to achieve some functions by cutting into the factory wiring.  

Sigma Safety is western Canada's exclusive dealer for Intermotive Vehicle Controls.   Intermotive makes various types of modules that are plug-and-play (or nearly so) with many popular vehicles.

Modules include;

  • IdleLock;  allows the vehicle to remain running with the key out.  Steering wheel and shifter remain locked.
  • Eco-Star; same as Idle Lock but also turns off the engine when not needed, and re-starts it based on cabin temperature or vehicle battery voltage.  
  • Upfitter Interface Module;  allows various logic-controlled outputs to trigger equipment based on vehicle conditions.
  • and more.

Contact us if you would like more information about these unique and incredibly helpful modules.