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Sigma Safety is now Western Canada’s exclusive dealer for Intermotive

We are western canada's exclusive intermotive dealer

We are very pleased to announce that we are now western Canada's exclusive dealer for Intermotive. Intermotive makes plug-in modules that allow you to control your vehicle. These modules include idle security, idle control, Black Out modules (for police use), and much more. This month they released their Idle Guard, which automatically engages the Safe Park feature on a Charger police car. It makes life a lot simpler for the officers, and ensures the car won't get stolen while it's sitting at a scene, idling. Contact us for more details on this or any other Intermotive module. See a demo video of the IdleGuard here.

a wide variety of modules

Intermotive makes a number of modules for your police or fire vehicle including;

  • Idle Lock;  allows your vehicle to idle without the key in the ignition.  Steering wheel and shifter remain locked.
  • Upfitter Interface Module;  plugs into OBD port and provides various output signals based on vehicle conditions.   Outputs are programmable and can use "AND/OR" logic, etc.  
  • Police Interface Module;  allows the installer to re-map the steering wheel buttons on newer police vehicles so you can use the buttons for light/siren trigger, radio transmit, etc.
  • Durango Interface Module;  combines chime mute, auto-Park system disable, auto Sport Mode, and other functions into one module.   This is an extremely handy module for Durango police vehicles.
  • Black-Out Module;  turns off interior and exterior lights (including brake lights, etc.) to allow for covert driving.  Module automatically disables once the car reaches a pre-programmed speed (about 30km/hr maximum).
  • Eco-Star;  this module reduced idling by monitoring the battery(ies) voltage and restarts the engine when the battery level drops below a certain threshold (programmable).  Combined with LED warning light technology and a well-designed power system, this module can eliminate over 75% of idle time in many cases.   It works without the key in the ignition, and keeps your shifter and steering wheel locked to help prevent theft.   This module works for police vehicles, light-duty fire vehicles, and work trucks (availability varies by vehicle make/model/year).

This is a short list of the modules that Intermotive makes.  For full details, see the Intermotive website.   Intermotive works closely with Ford, Chrysler, and GM to ensure the modules work as they should and don't interfere with the vehicle itself.   Intermotive modules are standard equipment on every Charger Interceptor sold in the US, and their Chime Mute module is installed on every RCMP Ford police interceptor in Canada.

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