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Pro Upfit Kit


Do you need to upfit your vehicle, and have in-house installation expertise, but just need the parts?  Is your local installer capable but just unfamiliar with newer light/siren technology?  Tired of making multiple trips to Lordco or Princess Auto for a connector during the upfit process?  We can help!

We've created a Pro Upfit Kit, which provides all the bits and pieces you need to do your own installation.  In addition to the lights and siren system components you need, the Kit includes;

  • All the connectors you'll need for the entire job
  • High-quality crimp connectors
  • Wire, loom, zip-ties, electrical tape, etc.
  • Fuses of appropriate types and values
  • Pre-engineered wire gauges, lengths, and colours
  • Full-colour installation instructions and wiring diagram for the entire system (not just the individual components)
  • Pre-programmed light/siren controller (programming can be altered later)
  • Pre-assembled console and internal electronics
  • Loan of our specialized tools such as battery terminal crimpers, etc.
  • Phone & email support, should you need any assistance
  • Various kits available depending on your truck's configuration

The Pro Upfit Kit is an optional package, purchased in addition to your light/siren equipment.  It is completely optional.  The kit is designed to allow you to install your gear without having to figure out all the different wire gauges, fuse values, programming options, etc.  We've done that all for you!  

Contact us if you'd like more information about the Pro Upfit Kit..

Pro Upfit Kit contents (1).jpg




Cobalt Cube

Made by VNC Automotive in London, UK, the VNC Cube allows you to interface your laptop/tablet computer into your vehicle's OEM screen.  The Cube plugs in to any vehicle that supports Android Auto, then your computer plugs into the Cube.  Your computer screen is then mirrored to your vehicle's screen (including touch capability), so now you don't have to mount your laptop in the cabin of your truck.

The Cube also has built-in wifi and Bluetooth so you can connect your smartphone to it (allowing your smartphone to be displayed and useable through your vehicle's OEM screen), as well as tablet computers, etc.

Lastly, the Cube can control your light/siren controller.  If you are using a Federal Signal "Pathfinder" light/siren controller, the Cube and Pathfinder plug directly into one other, allowing full bi-directional communication.  If you're using another type of controller, an optional 12 volt relay box can be supplied to allow the Cube to provide standard +12 volt signals to your controller.  This relay box can be used for any 12 volt item;  flood lights, winch relays, etc.

The Cube is best used for vehicles with a relatively large OEM touchscreen.

Contact us if you'd like more information.

VNC cell phone screen 1.JPG




Q2B Siren

Did you know the legendary "Q" siren tone is one of only two Trademarked sounds in the world?  (the other is the Harley-Davidson exhaust sound).

In addition to the traditional polished Chrome, the Q siren is now available in Black Chrome to better compliment the darker colour schemes on some trucks.  

As Canada's largest Federal Signal distributor, we'd be happy to provide any pricing or assistance you might need for any Q siren requirements, including service/replacement parts.

Contact us if you'd like more information.

FedSig black Q 1.jpg




Pathfinder 400

The PF400 is an industry first!  It has FOUR 100 watt speaker outputs so you can run up to 4 siren speakers (any combination of standard or low-frequency speakers).

The PF400 is available in 5 different control head styles including a 17-button with slide switch, 9-button, and handhel.  The control head buttons are multi-colour backlit which allows you to group similar functions by colour.  For example, scene light buttons can have a white backlight, directional arrow buttons can have an amber backlight, etc.

The PF400 is also available with Q Siren tones!  This is especially effective if the PF400 is used with 2 x Federal Signal speakers and a Rumbler low-frequency speaker.  You can run single, dual, tri- or even quad-tone sirens!

Like all models of Pathfinder, the PF400 has the ability to broadcast pre-recorded voice messages through its speakers.  This can be an extremely helpful feature in certain situations;  for example, driving around a campground, instructing people to evacuate.  Rather than speaking into the PA mic, you can just hit a button and the message will play continuously until you turn it off.  This is especially valuable where the message must be broadcast in multiple languages.

The PF400 is also capable of controlling and synchronizing Federal Signal lightbars and perimeter lights, and is fully compatible with the FS Sync vehicle-to-vehicle pattern synchronization option.

The PF400 is the first of its kind in the industry.  Made in USA, 5 year warranty.

Contact us if you'd like more information.

FedSig PF400S17 1.jpg




Pathfinder 200

The PF200 is a fully-digital, programmable light/siren controller.  There are 6 different control head types available, including handheld.  The PF200 can connect to 2 x 100 watt siren speakers.  It has dual-tone capability as well as digital voice message broadcast ability.

This amplifier sets the standard in the industry for functionality, ease of programmability, and reliability.  The PF200 can plug-and-play with Federal Signal lightbars, and can fully synchronize perimeter lights from various manufacturers.

The Pathfinder can also broadcast pre-recorded messages (select from a library, or record your own).  This is extremely useful in the right application.

Sigma Safety stocks various Pathfinder models in our warehouse in Langley, BC.  

Made in USA.  5 year warranty.

Contact us if you'd like more information.

FedSig PF control head options 1.JPG




Rumbler Low-Frequency Siren

The Rumbler is designed to allow sound to better penetrate vehicle's interiors. With today's highly-sealed vehicles and acoustic-laminated glass, traditional sirens just can't reach the driver's ears as easily as a low-frequency siren can.  Unlike high-frequency sounds, which bounce of any solid surface, it takes mass (thickness/density) to stop lower-frequency tones.

The Rumbler supplements your existing siren system (it runs at the same time as your high-frequency siren, not instead of it).  Normally, Rumbler is connected with a trigger (such as your vehicle's horn) that activates it for about 8 seconds at a time, so it only sounds when you need it (i.e. - approaching an intersection).

Unlike other systems that use two very large woofers, the Federal Signal Rumbler is available in 2 models;

Rumbler Solo;  two woofers in a single 'tuned' housing.  This means your installer only has to mount one speaker unit, which saves time and provides better audio due to the tuned housing.

Rumbler Compact;  two individual woofers that are much smaller than the other brands on the market.  This allows you to mount the Rumbler on vehicles where it's never before been possible!  Excellent performance from two speaker units due to patented acoustic chamber design.

Contact us if you'd like more information.

FedSig Rumbler compact 1.png




Allegiant Lightbar

The Allegiant lightbar is a high-intensity dual-colour rooftop bar.  It is available in up to 2 colours per module.  Sigma stocks the Allegiant 53" lightbar in red/white (red/amber to rear) with 4 embedded Green modules (for on-scene Incident Command use).  This allows the bar to perform red/white or red-only for warning, and amber directional arrow to rear.  The white can also be illuminated steady-on for front and side scene lighting.  The bar is completely programmable.  Made in USA, 5 year warranty.  The Allegiant is an extremely popular lightbar.

Contact us if you'd like more information.

Stocked ALGT53J-1623870914 ALGT53J-SIGMA1 config, Jan 2022.png




Valor Lightbar

The Valor lightbar is the ultimate in warning power.  It's patented "V" shape provides 2-3x the lighting intensity at critical intersection angles, and to the sides of the vehicle.  The Valor can contain up to 3 colours per module.  It is fully programmable (each module's colour can be programmed individually) to achieve a very wide variety of uses including warning, directional arrow, front and side flood lighting, and more.

The Valor is an excellent choice for those departments needing additional intersection warning, or those that just want the brightest possible warning signal.  It is fully configurable for colour layout options.

Contact us if you'd like more information.

FedSig Fire Valor 1.jpg




Westin Bumper / Winch

Westin manufactures various push bumpers, bumper replacements, grille guards, etc. for a variety of trucks and SUVs.  Westin's Public Safety division focuses on police/fire/EMS applications.   

Superwinch, owned by Westin, is one of the premiere lines of winches.  The "SX" series is available in 10,000lb and 12,000lb options, in both steel and synthetic rope versions.  Sigma stocks a variety of Superwinch SX series winches in our warehouse.

Contact us if you'd like more information.

Westin winch ready 1.JPG




Troy Consoles

Sigma Safety is Troy Products' exclusive dealer in Canada.  Troy is based in California and is known for their rugged, heavy-duty console systems.  Their "widebody" consoles are ideal for pickup trucks, and fully fill the space between the front seats.  The side storage slot provides a great place for binders, etc.  Troy manufactures a wide variety of faceplates to hold various types of 2-way radios, light/siren controllers, and other equipment.

Sigma Safety stocks Troy 25" Widebody consoles in our warehouse, with vehicle-specific no-drill mounting plates for most Ford, GM, and Dodge trucks.

Contact us if you'd like more information.

Troy console demo truck 1.jpg




Magnetic Mic

This little item brings your 2-way radio hangup clip into the 21st century!  This is one of these little details that makes a massive difference in your daily use.

Rather than a metal clip to hang up your mic, the Mag Mic is magnetic.  The included 'shoe' slips over your existing microphone's hangup button, and the magnetic base replaces the clip on your dash.  

These are outrageously popular.  Not only does it make it much easier to retrieve and hang up your microphone, it increases safety as you don't need to take your eyes off the road to find the mic clip. 

Contact us if you'd like more information.





FS Sync

This module allows you to automatically synchronize warning light patterns between vehicles when stopped at a scene.  If you regularly have multiple vehicles stopped at a scene with their lights flashing, a Sync module installed in each vehicle will cause all the warning patterns to flash identically.  Synchronized patterns help calm the scene and provide more predictability to motorists.   

The module is a low-cost add-on for the Federal Signal "Pathfinder" siren series, and simply plugs in to the siren amplifier.  It can be retrofitted to existing Pathfinder installations, or installed when you upfit your next truck.   This is an innovative safety improvement for emergency vehicles.

Contact us if you'd like more information.

FedSig FS Sync 1.JPG




Tiger Tough Seat Covers

We're going to go out on a limb and claim that these are the world's best seat covers !  Well, we sure think so.  Made in USA by a family-run company, TT seat covers are extremely popular with our police and fire customers!

  • waterproof / washable
  • snug fitting, they stay where they should, even after years of sliding around!
  • airbag compliant (break-away panels for vehicles with side-airbags in the seats)
  • 1000 denier nylon (most others use 600denier, which is half as thick)
  • "Shieldtech" option adds antimicrobial and anti-odour technology
  • Can have your logo or wording embroidered on the seat cover
  • Sigma stocks common seat covers, ETA about 3 weeks on custom-order

These are an excellent addition to any fleet vehicle.  

Contact us if you'd like more information.

Tiger Tough Osoyoos 1.jpg





Pi-Lit sequential road flares

These intelligent road flares are extremely effective in providing an understandable warning pattern to motorists.  Rather than a bunch of randomly flashing lights at a scene, these lights automatically form a "landing strip" type of light sequence .  Operation is super easy!  You simply remove them from the charging/storage cradle and place them on the road surface.  They automatically turn on and synchronize with the flares next to them.   You can put them under cones for even better warning (also great on snowy surfaces), mount them to the back of a vehicle with their magnets, and more. 

  • Available in 4, 6, and 10 flare kits
  • Available in Amber, Red, or Blue
  • Automatically turns on when removing from charging cradle (no buttons to press!)
  • Rechargeable via wall outlet or 12 volt power socket.
  • Tilt sensor detects proper light output mode
  • 20+ hour runtime on a full charge
  • 6-hour recharge time from a completely dead battery
  • 4 flash patterns (2 x sequential, simultaneous, steady-on)
  • Auto-stores previous settings for next deployment
  • 2 year warranty
  • IP67 rated
  • 50,000 lb crush strength
  • Designed and Made in USA
  • Comes with charging cradle, 120vac charger, and 12 volt 'lighter' plug charger

Landing Zone kits are also available, using the same technology. 

HERE is a quick demo video.

Contact us if you'd like more information.

PiLit Red 10.jpg


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