Installation Warranty

5yearWarrantyWe recognize that Public Safety vehicles are placed under extreme duties and stresses, and that vehicle down-time is expensive and inconvenient for you.  That’s why we use only the best and most reliable installation components and proper heavy-duty installation techniques.

This allows us to offer an industry-leading 5 year warranty on our installation.  This warranty is designed to demonstrate to you how confident we are in our installation work.  It covers our installation labour (wire crimps, cable routing, connection termination, etc.).

Warranty details;

  • 5 year warranty starts from date of completion of our upfit labour
  • valid only for the original owner of the vehicle (warranty is not transferable)
  • installation labour warranty covers Sigma’s installation labour, not parts
  • warranty work to be done in our shop (on-site work is an extra charge)
  • physical damage or abuse is not covered (this includes liquid spills, etc.)
  • warranty does not cover the parts themselves as those are covered under their respective manufacturer’s warranty
  • warranty is void if another vehicle upfitter makes any changes to the vehicle
  • warranty does not cover replacement fuses and other consumable circuit-protection devices

Please contact us if we can provide any additional information regarding our warranty.