TahoeSigma Safety provides installation services for public safety fleets in the Greater Vancouver area.  We have a fully-equipped 2200 sq ft installation bay.

Whether you want us to completely upfit your vehicle or just fix a siren speaker, we can help.  We offer fair, competitive rates and experienced, bonded, security-cleared, and certified EVT installers.  We are also BC’s only Gamber-Johnson Certified Installer.  We also offer one of the best warranties in the business.  Of course, we are fully insured and carry a $1 Million ICBC “Garage” Policy.

Gamber certified installer logo   Feniex Certified Installer logo, Sept 2018.JPG   EVT Patch

A good installation is comprised of a skilled technician and high quality parts.  While others might use car-stereo circuit parts, we use marine-grade fuse blocks, circuit breakers, and other critical components.

Our installation techniques include;

    • Professional-grade connectors with adhesive and/or shrink-wrap jackets
    • Wires are always properly secured, and are loomed when appropriate
    • Circuits are always properly protected with fuses and/or circuit breakers
    • Circuits are properly labelled on fuse locations, and in other locations as appropriate
    • We use only high-grade wire and connection hardware
    • Battery isolators are always high-quality low-voltage-drop models, not a simple diode isolator which can cause charging problems due to voltage drops.
    • 12 volt power sockets and USB charging sockets are marine grade, not cheap hobbyist-grade items

While it’s easy to skimp and buy cheaper, less reliable installation parts, we believe installations on Public Safety vehicles need to be as reliable as possible, no matter what the conditions, because your vehicle is a life-saving tool.bcehs-review-mar-3-2017

We can also perform on-site service (in the Lower Mainland) if that is more convenient for you.

Please contact us to find out how we can assist you with your vehicle upfitting needs.

See images below for some of our recent projects (click on the images to enlarge)…