LIDAR Speed Enforcement

Dragon Eye Speed LIDARSigma Safety is one of only two Canadian distributors for Dragon Eye LIDAR speed enforcement tools.  Dragon Eye Technologies (DET) has been manufacturing LIDAR guns for years, generally under different brand names for other companies.  Now, they are releasing their newest LIDAR guns directly to law enforcement.

These highly accurate guns offer some unique features;

  • Large “true colour” Heads-up Display (no colour-shift like some other guns)
  • One-piece laser/HUD/receiver chassis means the laser and HUD stay in alignment better
  • Multiple software options
  • IACP Certified
  • Speed accuracy; most other guns are +/- 2km/hr, but Dragon Eye are +/- 1km/hr within 1 Sigma
  • Uses standard “C” (for full size gun) or  “AA” (for Compact gun) batteries
  • Field-replaceable rubber bumpers and trigger button
  • Rugged aluminum chassis
  • The industry’s most effective anti-jamming software

DET makes two main models of LIDAR gun;

The Industry’s most advanced Anti-Jamming technology

Dragon Eye Compact

Dragon Eye Compact

The Dragon Eye Speed Laser is the full-size and full-power version.  It can acquire target speeds in 0.3 seconds, at ranges over 1km, and features a unique Anti-Counter-Measure technology, called ECCM, that allows it to defeat laser jammers.  See demo video below.  DET routinely samples laser jammer software and provides updates to the DET LIDAR gun software to stay ahead of the jammer companies.

On the website, they routinely test laser jammers against LIDAR guns.  While all other LIDAR guns can be jammed by these laser jammers, they have yet to find one that will jam the Dragon Eye LIDAR guns.  Here is a quote from their website (emphasis added);

“It's important to note that the DragonEye Compact used in ECCM mode(anti-jam) is unjammable by any laser jammer on the market.” (Sept 9 2014)

The Compact Speed Laser is easily operated by one hand.  It is lighter weight (weighs 1 lb) and less expensive, with a somewhat reduced range (900m) and features.  It is an excellent choice for urban speed enforcement where simplicity and low price are the priorities.  The Compact Speed Laser also features anti-jamming technology.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a trial.

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