In-Vehicle Modems

Sigma Safety is an authorized partner for Sierra Wireless.  Sierra is the global leader in in-vehicle cellular modems, also called gateways.  Sierra is a $1 billion company based in Richmond, BC.

While Sierra’s product lineup ranges from small modems in a vending machine, to in-vehicle modems for many car manufacturers (including Tesla), we focus on their Public Safety products.

Sierra has a number of different modems/gateways that are designed specifically for Public Safety vehicles.  They are ruggedized with high-tolerance “real-world proof” power supplies that will handle voltage spikes of up to 200 volts and sags to 5 volts.

Whether it’s just a simple cell modem, or a fully-featured mobile gateway, we can help.


The MP70 and MG90 can not only connect your in-vehicle laptop to the cell system, they can also create a Wi-Fi hotspot in and around your vehicle.  Using roof-mounted antennas, the gateways can provide nearly 1000′ of Wi-Fi range so you can take your devices with you while you work, and link back to your vehicle’s gateway.

Many of the gateways can also connect to your vehicle via the OBD-II port, allowing them to monitor and transmit vehicle status including engine temperature, idle time, hard acceleration, and more.   The gateways also include onboard GPS/GNSS, Dead Reckoning (for vehicle location information when GPS is blocked), and much more.

Optional management software allows you to view real-time location and status of your vehicles, play back vehicle trips, see what areas of town have poor cell coverage, etc.

With the MG90 you can even have multiple SIM cards in the gateway.  For example, a Telus and a Rogers card.  The modem can operate primarily on one carrier’s network, then automatically and seamlessly fall over to the other carrier if the primary network’s signal is weak.

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