Computer Docking Stations

Sigma Safety is a factory-authorized distributor of gj-and-gamber-johnson-markGamber-Johnson computer mounting equipment.  Gamber-Johnson is the world’s largest supplier of in-vehicle computing device mounting equipment.  Full docking stations are available for many common public safety computers including the Panasonic Toughbook series (including the CF19, CF31, and CF53) , Panasonic Toughpad including the new G1 10″ Windows 8 based tablet  , Getac, Itronix, Motorola, and others.

Most mounts are installed using no-drill bases.  The mounting hardware is 8ga steel.  It is very common for our customers to move the mount from one vehicle to another.  The mounts are so rugged that they often outlast the vehicle they are mounted in!Poco Fire Tablet Install

Gamber-Johnson’s Toughbook docks have an industry-leading 3 year warranty on their electronic docking stations, and a limited lifetime warranty on the mounting hardware.  See CF-31 docking station demo video below.

Gamber-Johnson also manufactures a line of high quality consoles for common public safety vehicles.  These custom consoles are made of welded steel, not riveted aluminum like many others, so they are rugged and easy to install.

We have supplied mounts for everything from Smart Cars to Fire Apparatus to forklifts.  If you need to mount a computing device in a vehicle, contact us and we’ll make it simple for you.

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