Vehicle Armour


Angel Armor door armor 1We have Level IIIA door and window armour available for a number of commonly-used law enforcement vehicles as well as many trucks and SUVs.  Commonly used in many police cars, these panels are completely covert and install inside the door.  Each one is custom-fit to your vehicle’s make and model.

Since standard police car doors are simply thin sheet metal that provide no ballistic protection, door armour gives you the ability to crouch behind your open door while at a high risk traffic stop or dangerous call and have the door provide cover.

These semi-rigid panels are so lightweight (less than 10 lbs) that they do not strain the door hinges or latches (unlike steel panels), and your members will likely not even notice that they are in the door.

The panels have a 5-year certified life.  The panels can be re-used from vehicle to vehicle within that 5-year lifespan.  Installation is typically less than 15 minutes.  They are available for a very wide range of vehicles.

We also have Level III (up to .308 rifle) steel plate systems for vehicle doors.

AA enlightAngel Armor also manufactures Level IIIA window armour (ballistic glass) for a variety of law enforcement vehicles.  These unique add-ons install quickly and without tools, and can be removed quickly.  They protect the officer during traffic stops and for ambush-style attacks, yet still provide enough room to allow the officer to reach through the window for any reason.   The “Enlight” system is unique and very effective at stopping a wide variety of handgun threats.

The panels are available for a very wide variety of vehicles from Ford, GM, and Dodge (see list below).  If you have a special or custom vehicle armour requirement, we can help with that as well.  See here for more details.

Please contact us for details regarding police vehicle door armour for your vehicles, and see this page for further specifications.