Trauma/Special Threat Plates

AE-trauma-plate-1Trauma Plates (also called “Special Threat Plates”) are designed for every-day, all-day wear in your normal patrol armour.  Trauma plates fit in a pocket that already comes with most armour carriers – the plates simply drop in to your existing pocket.  These are NOT tactical plates, but rather plates for general use.

(Are you looking for all-day-wear plates that can stop common rifle rounds?  See HERE)

Trauma Plates are designed to upgrade the soft armour you currently wear by providing additional ballistic protection over the center of your chest.  Many trauma plates also provide stab protection, as well as very significant blunt-force trauma protection.

Years ago, trauma plates were just additional layers of ballistic material, or a simple steel or titanium plate.  They didn’t offer much in the way of additional ballistic protection and were heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

Armor Express manufactures a number of different trauma plates in various weights, thicknesses, and protection levels;

AE-Trauma-PlatesThe C-Shock  and the H-Shock plates are the newest plates and provide rifle round protection in a 5″x8″ size, and weighs 1.7 lbs.  It will stop a number of rifle threats including 5.56 (.223) and 7.62 (AK-47 style), including the 5.56 Green Tip ‘penetrator’ round.  The H-Shock is available up to 10″x 12″ size.

The Poly-Shock is our most popular trauma plate.  It weighs under half a pound for the 5×8″ size, and is about 1/4″ thick.  It provides Level IIIA protection and is Stab 1 rated, and provides protection against a large variety of ‘special’ threats.

The Ara-Shock ICW is another very popular plate that provides Level IIIA protection when worn over any level of soft body armour.  Even the 7×10″ size weighs under half a pound.  These remarkable plates are very light and are semi-flexible.

In addition to these Trauma Plates, Armour Express has a full selection of NIJ Certified tactical Rifle Plates (Level III and IV).

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