Rifle Plates

AE-Rifle-Plate-Page-DeltaArmor Express has a wide variety of tactical rifle plates.  These plates are designed for tactical use in external carriers, and will stop NIJ Level III and IV rounds.

(Are you looking for all-day-wear plates that can stop common rifle rounds?  See HERE)

Rifle plates come in ICW and SA models.  ICW (In Conjunction With) means that the plate is rated for the indicated threat level when the plate is worn over top of soft body armour.  This is the case for most law enforcement uses.  SA (Stand Alone) means the plate will stop the rated threats even when the plate is not backed up by soft armour worn beneath it.  SA plates tend to be heavier and thicker, so ICW is generally a better decision.  However, if there is any reasonable chance that the plates might be worn without soft armour under them, then SA should be chosen.

The most popular plate models are;

Aries; Level III and IV, in ICW and SA versions.  The Aries plates are a ballistic polyethylene so they are multi-hit capable and are extremely rugged.  They are fantastic plates where light weight is a priority.  The Level III ICW plate is 0.78″ thick and weighs only 2.9 lbs (10″x12″ size).  Note that ICW plates must be worn over Level IIIA soft body armour.  SA plates do not require soft armour behind them in order to be compliant.

Delta; Level III and IV, in ICW and SA versions.  Delta plates offer very high levels of protection, including the Level III SA++ which is NIJ 0101.06 certified and is also DEA Special Threat and Fragmentation compliant.  The Level III ICW plate is 0.50″ thick and weighs 4.4lbs.  The Delta is an excellent choice when maximum protection is required, combined with reasonable weight.  The Delta Level III SA++ is Armor Express’ most popular rifle plate, primarily because it will stop the 5.56mm “green tip” round, among others, and is NIJ 0101.06 and DEA certified.

Plates are also available in the Triton models.  Triton is great if you are ok with a heavier plate (for example, on shorter deployments) and need less expensive protection.  They are available in Level IV SA only.  The 10×12 version is 0.90″ thick and weighs 8.1 lbs.

Due to ITAR Regulations, we cannot sell Level IV plates to the general public.  Level IV is available to military, law enforcement, and government agencies only.

Armor Express rifle plates are available in various shapes (not every plate is available in every shape).  The most popular are the Tactical and SAPI/ESAPI shapes. These provide some arm relief for your upper chest.  The Shooters shape is designed for snipers that have to lay prone for long periods, with their arms extended in front of them (holding a weapon).  The “Trimmed” shape is generally only used in a rear plate pocket.

Please contact us for specification sheets and a full list of options for your tactical plate needs.