AE Busch logoWe carry ballistic and non-ballistic helmets by Busch Protective.  Busch is a German company that makes excellent helmet systems.

Busch helmets are available in non-ballistic “Bump” helmets which are ideal for SAR, training, and situations where you need to mount lights, NVG, etc. devices to a helmet but don’t need ballistic protection.

What’s unique about Busch helmets is that while they manufacture a standard NIJ IIIA helmet, their main focus is on the manufacture of VPAM-certified helmets.

AMH-2 with visor, tactical goggles and tactical lamp

Unlike the NIJ standard, which is a soft-body-armour standard that has been adopted by North American manufacturers, the VPAM standard is specifically intended for helmets.  NIJ allows 41mm of back-face deformation (the bump on the back of the helmet as the bullet strikes it) but VPAM only allows a few millimeters.  VPAM also requires 25 shots of a helmet to be certified (NIJ requires 6), and also limits the amount of force that can be transmitted to the wearer’s head.   See demonstration video below for more information.

Busch is the only helmet manufacturer in the world to achieve VPAM certification with a lightweight helmet.

Busch helmets are available in various shapes.  All include a ratchet-adjustment system, side rails, and a full padding system for a one-size-fits-most sizing.

Ballistic and non-ballistic face shields, NVG mounts, and a wide variety of other accessories are available.  The face shields use the Busch Speed Connect system that allows you to add or remove the face shield in 2 seconds.  See video below.

Please contact us for further details on these unique helmet systems.