Daily-Wear Rifle Plates


Truth 47 8″x 10″

Do you need advanced protection but need to wear your plates all day?  Check out the Angel Armor “Truth Snap” plates! Better than a basic trauma plate yet wearable all day, unlike most full Level III or IV rifle plates.

This unique system is comprised of two plates that you can wear individually, or they can be ‘snapped’ together using embedded high-strength magnets to form one stronger plate (confusing? See video below).

You can purchase either the Truth Snap 44S (stops .44 Mag and a number of other handgun threats) and is Spike 1 rated, the Truth Snap 47S (which stops up to an AK-47 round and is Spike 2 rated) or both together.  When used together, you get the Truth Snap 308S which is rated to stop .308 rifle rounds as well as .223/5.56 x 45 FMJ rounds (and is Spike 3 rated), yet the complete system weighs only 1.87 lbs (7″x9″ size).  The Truth 308 meets NIJ Level III standards for .308 rifle round protection, so it is a full Level III plate.


Truth 44 8×10 Shooter’s Cut

The Truth Snap plates are available in the following sizes;

  • 5″x8″
  • 7″x9″
  • 8″x10″ full or ‘shooters’ cut
  • 10″x12″ full or ‘shooters’ cut

The Truth 44 is 0.25″ thick
The Truth 47 is 0.58″ thick
The Truth 308 is 0.83″ thick

Ballistic Specifications, measurements, and other specifications are shown on this page.

Sigma Safety is Canada’s first, and western Canada’s exclusive, distributor of Angel Armor systems.  Contact Us for more information.

Angel Armor and Truth Snap are Trade Marks of Angel Armor, LLC.