Body Armour

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Sigma Safety is an authorized distributor for Armor Express body armour.  AE is an innovative armour company that provides top-quality armour at a fair price.  The majority of law enforcement agencies in BC and many across Canada use AE armour.

Armor Express has a long legacy with body armour.  Matt Davis, the CEO of Armor Express, has literally grown up in the armour industry.  Matt’s dad, Richard Davis, is the inventor of soft body armour.  See video below for more on the Armor Express legacy….

Why choose Sigma Safety to supply your armour?

  1. Accurate fit is critical for comfort and protection. We size armour not only with a tape measure and sizing chart, but also with sizing vests.   This allows you to try on the actual size you will be receiving so we don’t have to rely on just a tape measure.  If you’re not happy with the fit, AE will alter it for free (within the first 30 days).
  2. We maintain a full online database (see here) of all armour purchased from us.  Why is this an advantage for you?  If you are a public safety agency, we will provide you with login credentials so you can view your armour ‘fleet’ any time you wish. The available data includes; who in your agency has armour, the serial number, what type it is and when it was purchased, and most importantly – when it expires.  You can also see reports showing all armour that will be expiring up to 5 years away.  This helps you plan your armour replacement budget for future years, and helps ensure none of your members are wearing expired armour.  This is a NO CHARGE perk if you purchase your department’s armour from Sigma.  If you buy your armour elsewhere, we charge a small fee per item.
  3. We can securely dispose of your old armour at no charge.  If you purchase armour from us, we will take back your old armour and securely shred it.
  4. We are factory trained by the engineers and experts who design and make the armour.  We participated in test shoots, we met the people who make the armour, and we received detailed training by the AE personnel on the best armour for each application.  This allows us to provide expert advice to ensure you get the best armour for your needs.

All our armour is custom measured to the person wearing it.  Delivery time is approximately 6 weeks for custom-fit soft armour.

AE-trauma-plate-1Are you looking to upgrade your existing armour system?  Check out the AE Trauma Plates .  These polyethylene and aramid plates protect your body core to levels in excess of IIIA, yet are incredibly light and thin, allowing for every-day wear.  They simply drop into your existing trauma plate pocket on your concealed armour.  Available in various sizes, these plates can protect against threats like a 12ga. shotgun slug, various ‘exotic’ handgun rounds, and even stab/slash threats.  Contact us for more details on these revolutionary plates.

Various NIJ 0101.06 certified armour levels are available including;

Please note that due to BC Body Armour Control Act , BC customers must qualify under the Act to own armour.  Other provincial regulations may restrict sales into other provinces.  This includes all levels of soft and hard armour as well as stab and dual-threat armour.  We must, by law, obtain proof of personal documents to prove eligibility. Sigma Safety is a licensed body armour sales facility.

Common Questions;

  • Do you sell to non-law enforcement customers?
    • Yes, we will sell to customers who are permitted under their local legislation to own armour.  However, we reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone, at our sole discretion.  Due to ITAR Regulations, we cannot sell Level IV plates to civilians.  Level IV plates are only available to government customers.
  • Is the armour you sell certified by NIJ?
    • Yes, all our soft body armour is certified under the NIJ AE_quad_compliant_Icon0101 standards.  We can provide certification documentation if required. Please contact us if you require more information about certification.
    • Many Armor Express models are “Quad Compliant”; NIJ certified, are Special Threat rated, and have passed the very demanding DEA and FBI testing protocols.

See the 2018 Armor Express catalogue HERE (21MB PDF download).

See the 2018 LightHawk Tactical catalogue HERE  (19MB PDF)