Armour Database

cams-logoWe recognize that it’s important for police departments and other public safety agencies to keep careful track of their body armour ‘fleet’.  However, we also realize that this can be a very difficult task as people join, leave, and move around in the department.

We have developed a secure online database that is specifically designed to track body armour.  We call it CAMS (Complete Armour Management System).

CAMS’ purposes are;

  1. Help departments keep track of expiry dates for their members’ armour, therefore ensuring that all their members are wearing current (non-expired) armour.
  2. Provide armour expiry forecasting in order to assist departments with upcoming budgeting. The CAMS system will show you how many sets of armour are expiring each year, up to 5 years away.
  3. Assist in tracking member name, armour serial number, armour type, sizing information, and other critical data. CAMS allows the user to search by any criteria and can provide various reports (in Excel, PDF, and other exports) as required.
  4. Help provide tracking and status of each set of armour. You can assign a piece of armour to an individual, then reassign that armour to a different individual if required (particularly helpful for Reserve officers who tend to be fairly transient versus regular members).
  5. Help provide accountability and tracking; the CAMS system can also track the disposal/retirement date for the armour as well as the method of disposal. In addition, each change to any piece of armour is logged in an audit log that is easily visible on the screen.  This audit log cannot be changed by the user or administrator.

The CAMS system is designed to be simple, fast, and easy to learn.  CAMS does require that the armour and officer data be entered into the database, but Sigma will perform that data entry for you when the armour is shipped to you.  The police department is responsible for maintaining the data from that point on, which is limited to re-assigning armour to another member if required, and flagging armour as ‘retired’ when appropriate.

CAMS requires a user name and login and is an encrypted server (data between your computer and the server are encrypted).  The system auto-scales to fit tablets and smartphones, so you can have access to your data anywhere!

CAMS will work for any armour product that has a serial number.  This includes soft body armour from any manufacturer, helmets, hard plates, ballistic shields, etc.

Pricing is very reasonable.  Please CONTACT US if you would like to learn more.

The video below is a very quick 2 minute overview of the CAMS system.  For a more in-depth look, see the video at the bottom of the page (20 minutes).