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As an essential business, we are open for business, though not quite 'as usual'.  We have a number of precautions in place within our facility to help reduce the chances of spreading viruses, particularly Covid-19. 

Updated Nov 19, 2020
  1. Our front door now remains locked at all times.  Unlike a restaurant or retail store, our business isn't generally open to the public, so we don't have a significant number of non-staff entering our office on a daily basis.  However, having the front door locked and admitting guests manually helps us monitor the movements of guests and ensures a minimum number of touch-instances within the office.
  2. Masks are required for all visitors who enter our office.  This includes customers, couriers, delivery drivers, etc.  
  3. We have a touchless forehead temperature sensor device in our entry area that sounds an alert if it measures a temperature over 100 degrees F.  All our staff are checked with this device daily.  We also request that our visitors use this device as well.
  4. We maintain a contact log of all our visitors (customers, couriers, etc.) that enter our office.  
  5. All staff have been instructed to, upon entering the building at the beginning of their work-day, proceed directly to our lunchroom and thoroughly wash their hands before touching anything.  Entry door handles leading to the lunch room are disinfected after everyone has arrived for work.  We monitor this policy daily to ensure it is being followed.
  6. Various interior doors have been propped open to help reduce the number of touch-points required to move around our office.
  7. Our office uses a full card-access system to manage movement within the office.  While this was initially intended for security purposes, the system has been adjusted to further restrict access of certain staff (and guest-access cards) to help reduce the number of touch-points.   For example, if a guest access card used to be able to access our installation shop by all 3 doors, now it can access the shop only through one door.
  8. Our staff are always happy to see you but they will not shake your hand (don't be offended, we really want to!).   We do our best to practise social distancing but in some instances (for example, measuring you for body armour) this is not possible.  We may wear a mask and may ask you to as well.  We have disposable masks for you to use in our office in case you don't have one of your own.  
  9. Our staff generally work in their own individual offices, and our installers work in individual installation bays, but we do remain aware of the 2 metre rule for other areas of the office.
  10. Our staff will not travel for business unless it's essential to do so.  We have also asked our staff to respect the BC Health guidelines for their personal (off-duty) travel.   If any of our staff return from travel outside Canada, they are required to stay at home and self-isolate for 14 days.  
  11. Where possible, our staff work from home.  Our advanced Voice-over-IP phone system allows us to route calls to them as if they were sitting in the office.
  12. Staff are encouraged to provide feedback to company management about specific instances where we can improve our infectious-disease procedures, including instances where they may feel unsafe due to a gap in our current procedures.  ALL suggestions and feedback will be investigated by management, and implemented where appropriate.
  13. None of our staff use Public Transportation to commute to or from the office.
  14. Staff have been briefed on the BC Labour Relations and WorksafeBC guidelines, specifically regarding staying home if they feel they may be ill, and the government's financial assistance for them if they need to stay home due to self-isolation, illness, or the requirement to care for family members.
  15. We have an in-house video meeting system and all our Sales staff (and many other) computers are equipped for video and audio.   Rather than meet with you at your premises or ours, we may request that we meet via video or phone instead.  Of course, this means that we're prepared should you request a video or phone meeting, too.
  16. For vehicles that we work on, we will wipe down the main touch-points with disinfectant wipes before we deliver the vehicle to you.  

If you have any concerns about our procedures, please speak to one of our staff (from a distance!) or contact us via email or phone to discuss. 

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