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If you are someone who is dedicated to achieving your best, and want to work with a company who feels the same way, we'd love to speak with you.  We value our team members and treat them like the professionals that they are.  We also realize that you have a life and we respect that, too.  If you are looking for a Small/Medium Business who emphasizes excellence, a family environment, and a healthy work-life balance, please contact us to further discuss how you might fit in with our team.

Current OpportunitieS


Outbound Sales Representative - Fire Market

We are looking for a sales representative to promote our products and services to the Fire Departments in western Canada.  This will primarily involve selling emergency warning equipment packages for light-duty vehicles such as pickup trucks and SUVs.

The position primarily involves contacting fire departments in BC / AB / SK / MB and working with them to provide upfitting packages for their new light-duty vehicles.  As well, maintain a relationship with the clients so they know who to call when they need a computer mount in a truck, or a part for their siren, etc.  With over 450 fire departments in BC, and the ability to also sell to departments anywhere in Canada, there is no realistic ceiling to the opportunities.

Sigma focuses on building long-term relationships with our clients.  Sales Reps are expected to both prospect for new customers and maintain ongoing relationships with existing customers.  We have built our company primarily through a high level of service and product knowledge.  This means that customers can call us and know they're going to get the right piece of equipment for their application.  This mutually-beneficial relationship fosters ongoing sales and a high level of trust between our customers and our staff.  Our motto of "Your Trusted Advisors" is more than just a phrase - it's how we operate.

This position can be located anywhere in British Columbia.  You can work from home as long as you have a good internet connection and a professional environment to work from (not at the kitchen table with your dog barking in the background).  While extensive travel is generally not required, we do use video and telephone frequently.  Familiarity with Fire Department vehicles and operations is a significant asset.

Sigma sells technical, vehicle-based products.  While we don't expect you to know everything about what we sell, it'd help if you have a brain that is oriented towards technical, mechanical items.  Basic knowledge of 12 volt wiring would be an asset.

Compensation for this position will be heavily commission-based, so as to reward your performance.  Most of our product lines have practically limitless potential sales, so the opportunity to earn $75k+ per year is very realistic.  

Successful applicants will need to be personable, fantastic communicators (you can listen as well as talk), willing to pick up the phone and call new customers, and willing to learn our product line.  You must be able to keep yourself well organized in a rapid-fire environment, and detail-oriented in order to ensure our customers get accurate quotes and orders.  You'll also need to speak English clearly, be familiar with Microsoft365, and be technically-oriented. 

If you feel you'd fit well into our team, please contact us to further discuss the opportunity.

This position will remain open until filled.

Installation technician 


If you wish to submit your resume for future consideration, please feel free to do so.

If you like working with your hands and brain, and are passionate about creating a mind-blowing finished product, you may be a good fit as an installation technician.

Installers fit equipment and electronics on and in our customers' vehicles.  This includes installing rooftop lightbars, push bumpers, interior electronics and hardware, wiring, and more.  We expect a very high level of care from our installers since we're providing our customers with life-safety equipment.  We promote quality over speed, though a balance of both is important.

You'll work in our facility (built in 2019) in eastern Langley.  The facility is clean, spacious, and well lit.  While you are expected to provide your own hand tools (a good ratchet and screwdriver set, multimeter, cordless drill set, etc.), Sigma will provide specialty tools as required.  

If you're an experienced installer in our industry then we'll simply orient you with the way we do things and you can get building vehicles quite quickly.  If you are new to the industry, we'll pair you up with one of our installers for a few weeks so you can learn the trade, then ease you into eventually building a full vehicle of your own.   Regardless of your experience level, you'll always be under the guidance of our Senior Installer.

Installers need to be in decent physical condition and must frequently stand, sit, lay on the ground, lift up to 60 lbs, reach up, and bend over for long periods.  They must also have regular colour vision (in order to tell wire colours apart), and excellent manual dexterity.  You must be open to learning and be willing to accept guidance with respect to installation methods.   Our goal is to have a team of the best installers in the industry.

If you feel that you'd make a good asset to our team, please contact us to discuss the next step.
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