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Emergency Response Vehicle Equipment

Trust In Your Equipment When It’s All On The Line.

The safety of first responders depends on them having the right equipment. At Sigma Safety, we’re far more than installers and suppliers of emergency response vehicle equipment: we’re trusted advisors.

Latest updates from Sigma Safety

From the most recent news affecting the industry to the latest products hitting the market, we break it all down for you so you can make the best possible decisions for your department and find the right solutions.

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Armour Systems

From Body Armour To Advanced Emergency response vehicle equipment.

We're one of Canada’s largest armour suppliers. And with our proprietary database, we provide exclusive solutions so you can manage your armour inventory.

Choose from a variety of different types of armour:

Personal soft body armour / Hard armour plates / Helmets / Ballistic shields / Special threat and trauma plates / Daily-wear rifle plates / Vehicle door armour

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